Jan. 1st, 2012

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I think part of what has made the Occupy movement powerful is the idea that we should not be passive about things we think should be changed. And you don't need to be a protester to make things happen - just be a voice that points out something simple could add some positive energy to the world. I would like to hold up as an example my sister, who this morning made a difference for group of people by speaking up.

Waiting in line for security at the airport, she learned there was a group of people behind her who were going to miss their flight unless they went ahead of everyone else immediately. She got people's attention, polled the lines to see if anyone minded those people skipping ahead, and got cooperation. All 7-8 expedited people were grateful, and when it was announced shortly afterward that all of them ended up making their flight, the crowd cheered. Several thanked my sister for taking action. I'm sure many of those people got some warm glow from helping get those people on their flight, and perhaps at least some of them might take their own opportunities to help other people in the future.

As my sister says, "Kindness and consideration. It's a lifestyle. And sometimes it requires active participation. Happy Golden Rule new year!"

Yes, that would be a really lovely 2012. And beyond!


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