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I bought some used games at Game Stop over vacation. We also got two used games as hand-overs.

Star Wars Light Saber Battles: Unlike the Wii Sports Resort swordfighting, this actually requires more than just bashing your opponent. Each of 10 characters has special moves, and you have an amount of Force to use as well as health. You can pick up and throw big objects during the fight. You can jump, do flips, and combine attacks. It makes full use of the Wii Motion and nunchuck, and you're using both hands (nunchuck to move and use special attacks, Wiimote to weild the light saber). Dan and the boys love this one. I think it's cool. It stays.

Sonic and Sega Friends Cart Racing: Z has been asking for MarioCart, but we've been resisting because we're not a fan of the graphics or the aggressive tactics. I picked up two other cart racers to see if we liked them. Sonic and Sega Friends is fun, has pretty good graphics, and the driving is a bit easier (less sensitive) than Mario. Since we used to play Sega and I loved Sonic, this game appeals to me. Z likes it, Dan likes it, I like it, E watches for now, it stays.

My Sims Racing: It advertises building your own cars, but it's not very interesting. You can choose between weight, speed, and maneuverability, and you can race as your Mii. Still, the tracks were kind of boring, and it didn't engage us as much as Sonic. This one goes back to the store.

My Sims Kingdom: This is a single-player Sims game set in a fantasy kingdom with magic. Your character earns a wand and needs to go around the kingdom and help people. Along the way you have to gather the materials needed for your spells, earn scrolls that teach you how to build things, interact with the other characters, and meet goals. I played the first hour of this, and everyone stayed to watch. Z has been playing it since, and we all stay and watch. It's engaging, cooperative within the game, and interesting to watch. This one stays.

Escape the Museum: The boys love puzzles, including the 'hidden pictures' part of their puzzle magazines, so I picked up this game because I thought it would be a fun family activity. It was not. Right from the start it looked like it had a very low budget - the cartoon-drawn characters didn't move and spoke in text blocks that frequently covered their faces, and the drawings of the museum rooms are very static. The puzzles are reasonable and looked like they'd be fun and interesting, but they're not because of the way the game is executed. To find anything, you have to zoom the screen. Once you have zoomed the screen, you need to move the cursor over every little part of the room to locate some items because they are really very well hidden. A lot of things are found by luck. This inch by inch examination got very old after the first three rooms. I was also bothered by some of the "priceless treasures" being things like a sneaker and a roll of tickets, but that's a design issue. When we started the game, the boys were interested and engaged. They loved spotting the hidden objects, but then got frustrated. The put-things-together puzzles were too simple for them, and they started to lose interest. E lasted about 30 minutes total before he wandered off. Z wandered off about 10 minutes after that. When I reached an hour of play with the game and realized it was just the same sort of thing over and over with minor variations, I shut the game down. No one is interested in playing it at all again. This one goes back.

Worms Battle Island: You play a worm learning how to use armaments. Not a lot of strategy, graphics are eh, and the Wiimote is used like an old-style game controller. Z liked it, no one else did, we can find something better if he just wants to blow stuff up, it goes back.

Ninja Reflex: [livejournal.com profile] marysdress gave us this one. Dan loves it. The boys haven't had a chance to play, but want to. I think it's neat. It stays.

EA Sports Active: Another one from [livejournal.com profile] marysdress. This is like having a personal trainer guide you through mixed workouts - walking, running, in-line skating, tennis, boxing, lunges, curls, squats, etc. I did a workout this morning. It stays.

Also trading in:

Bakugan: Defenders of the Core: I bought this one for Z. He has another Bakugan Wii game where he plays a kid using a Bakugan ball pretty much like he would in real life - aim, roll, try to get it to open, battle the other guy (this part he really likes). In DotC, the Bakugan are in their full cartoon form as monsters, and you need the Wiimote and nunchuck to run the monster around the arena and battle other Bakugan. I thought he'd like it because it's like an advanced version of the now-defunct online Bakugan game he used to play. He hates it and never wants to play it again. It gets traded in.

Winter Sports: This is an Olympics-based sports game. The remote is used poorly, and the game is really hard and not fun. Sports Resort blows it out of the water. We played it once and should have returned it. Now we're trading it in.
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